You, The Universe, The Holistic Mind Podcast

What is a holistic mind? A holistic mind is inclusive, expansive, discerning, juicy, compassionate, clear, creative, multisensory, open to discovery and has the ability to gently laugh at oneself. A holistic mind understands it is part of the universe and the natural laws that govern it.

Would you like to deepen your understanding of the natural laws that impact us such as, cause and effect/karma or relationships and the law of attraction? Would you like to listen to inspiring ideas regarding a holistic, integrative approach to leadership, business, relationships, metaphysics and the mystical arts, mind-body integration, mindfulness and intuition?

Join Catherine and her guests as they delve into the interconnection of all things. Open your mind to new ideas or deepen and integrate ones that are fun to think or talk about but have not yet settled in your mind and body.

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